Guidelines (requirements) for publishing reports of the International Forum of Bandurists

Guidelines (requirements) for publishing reports of the International Forum of Bandurists

Articles are required to be published in one of the working languages of the Forum – Ukrainian or English.
Only articles not published earlier in professional journals are accepted for publication.

It is compulsory for the authors to indicate the Universal Decimal Classification (УДК) of their articles (Універсальна_десяткова_класифікація) as well as international individual number of the researcher – ORCID ( .

Requirements for submission of files: File should be drafted in Word and saved in .doc format; the file may bear the surname of the author (for example Kuzmenko A.doc). Both hard and electronic copies should be identical. The content should be fully edited and checked by the author and signed by him/her personally on each page.
Format of the content: Total volume (without the bibliography, annotation and key words) should be between 20000-40000 characters with spaces). The paper size should be A4, in Times New Roman font, size 14, space between lines – 1; indent of pages – 2 cm. from all sides.

Text should be justified along its width. It is not permissible to replace a dash with hyphen and vice versa. The pages should not be numbered. Creating paragraphs with the help of tab key and spacing is not allowed. Underscoring any part of the text is also not permitted.

The structure of the publication should be as follows:

  • Universal Decimal Classification;
  • ORCID (Unique Number of Researcher);
  • Surname and initials of the author (authors);
  • Name of the institution, city, country, where the author works or studies
  • Name of the article;
  • Annotation (approximately 500 characters with spaces) in Ukrainian and English as well as key words (3-7 words or combination of words) in each of the languages of the annotation.
  • The text of the article – The structure of the article should conform to the requirements laid down by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Bulletin of the Supreme Attestation Commission of Ukraine. – 2003. – № 1) and contain the following elements (highlighted in bold):
    1) An overall elucidation of the topic of the article and its relation with major scientific and practical tasks;
    2) Analysis of the latest publications and research, which have attempted to resolve the problem laid down in the article, and to which the author refers to, as well as to emphasize the hitherto unresolved part of the overall problem, to which the article is dedicated.
    3) Formulation of the aim of the article (laying down the tasks);
    4) Stating the main research content with full background and justification of the results obtained;
    5) Conclusions from the proposed research and the prospects of further research in the said area.
  • References to literature in the text should be given in square parentheses (a comma is used after the number of the source and its page number is indicated, for example: [3, p. 98]. If the author is referring to multiple sources at the same time – it is necessary to separate them with a semi colon, such as: [1, 44; 2, 35].
    Bibliography and list of sources should be given in alphabetical order, as per the State Standard of Ukraine 8302:2015 «National Standard of Ukraine. Information and documentation. Bibliographic indices. General Requirements and Rules for Drafting» (
  • References should be prepared as per the Harvard reference system It is recommended to use the following link for transliteration of Cyrillic symbols in Ukrainian language articles – Following transliteration, reference to the source in original language should be made (for example, [in Ukrainian]).

A detailed scientific reference in English (for articles in Ukrainian) or in Ukrainian (for articles in English) should be provided in a separate file – (consisting of 5000-6000 characters) for uploading on the English version of the website of the publication.

Information about author (authors) of the publications should be stated as follows: surname, first name, second name (patronym), research level, scientific degree, place of work (name of institution or organization, their location (State Standard of Ukraine 7152:2010, paragraph., position held, name of country (for foreign authors).
Contact telephone number and e-mail address of the author (authors) of the publication.