Peter Deriashnyj

Bandurist, composer, conductor, choirmaster, public figure

Born in Kraiburg, Germany. In 1950, along with his parents, Fedir and Maria and his sister Lydia emigrated to Australia, and since 1966 settled in Sydney. Peter began to study bandura from his father. From July 1968 he studied under Hryhoriy Bazhul, a student of the Kharkiv method of playing the Bandura Hnat Khotkevych. In 1969, he wrote his first composition for the Bandura “Krai Kozatsky” and “Glory of the Otaman.”

Peter was studied engineering at the Sydney Polytechnic Institute and completion vocal studies at the Sydney Conservatory. He studied conducting under at Volodymyr Kolesnyk in Canada.
In 1971, Peter Deriashnyj became artistic director of the Bandura Ensemble named after Hnat Khotkevych and the School at Bandura in Sydney. The ensemble led by Peter Deriashnyj, gave more than 200 concerts, to Ukrainian and Australian audiences in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle, Brisbane, Geelong, and other Australian cities. In 1974, he recorded the album “Kobza and the song”, and in 1978, he composed the “Duma about Symon Petliura” on the words of Ivan Kuchuhura-Kucherenko and lyrical songs on the poems of the Ukrainian poets of Australia and Canada.
In addition, Peter Deriashnyj has arranged folk songs for mixed choir in various instrumental accompaniments; has made vocal-choreographic assemblies on the theme of Ukrainian folk customs. In 1982-1986 – he became the conductor of the Sydney choir “Boyan”, and since 1984 – Ukrainian folk ensemble of Volodymyr Ivasiuk in Sydney.
The following years he collaborated with the choir of the Orthodox parish of the Holy Protection, the women’s choir “Sutsvittia”.

In 1980-1983 he worked as a cultural and educational adviser to the federation of Ukrainian Organizations in Australia.
Numerous tours to North America, Italy and Ukraine.

He specializes in Ukrainian folk songs and classical music.
Peter Deriashnyj has numerous awards for popularizing Ukrainian music: The Taras Shevchenko medals in contributing to the development and popularization of Ukrainian music in Australia and the Diaspora, the Cossack Crosses of Slava for the Ukrainian community, the Medals of the Union of Ukrainian Organizations in Australia, and others.