Oles Berehovyi

Oles Berehovyi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oles’s father, Mitrofan Berehovyi, was born in Kapitanivka village, Kirovograd region, and his mother, Ruzha Yaschuk, was in Colonia Fram, Paraguay, but her family arrived there from Nimshin village, Galicia.

Oles Berehovyi received his education as a technical teacher in high schools in Buenos Aires.

In 2004, she received her first “Maestro de Educación Musical” diploma, and in 2013 – “Professor de Artes en Música – Dirección Coral”, Senior Lecturer in Musical Arts, at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory , Buenos Aires, Argentina (Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel de Falla, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

For the first time, Oles heard a Bandura in the Ukrainian company Prosvita in the suburb of Llavallol (a suburb of Buenos Aires), where the students of the maestro Vasyl Kachurak then engaged. Maestro Vasyl Kachurak invited Olesya to Capella, bearing in mind that he once took piano lessons and already knew the musical instrument. Oles went to the first lecture not very willingly. But the bandura seized him forever.

The first teacher of Oles Berehovyi was Vasyl Kachurak. He still remembers the words of his teacher: “You must understand that, although you are of Ukrainian descent, but born in Argentina. Therefore, when you perform Ukrainian music, it reflects the Argentine mentality. In order for Ukrainian music to retain its authentic taste, you have to study everything that is due to the origin of music. ”

Later, there were two courses with Julian Kytasty, who came to Argentina and introduced Oles to the kobzar meaning of bandura. Subsequently, Oles Berehovyi visited kobza camps in Canada and the United States in the 1990’s, and since then Yuliana Kytasty, Oksana Rodak, and Taras Pavlovsky have also considered their teachers. The technique of playing the bandura, which is used now, was mastered by Oksana Herasymenko when she was in Argentina in 1994.

Oles is an active bandura propagator in Argentina. Investigates bandura history, author of several articles about bandura in spanish. Oles took an active part in the bandura distribution campaign organized by his time in South America, Mykola Chorny, giving two intensive bandura games in the province of Missions. In addition, Oles Berehovyi often acts as a soloist on the concert venues of Buenos Aires and its surroundings.

Today, Oles Berehovyi manages the Taras Shevchenko Bandura Capella at the Cultural Society Prosvita in Argentina, organized by Maestro Vasily Kachurak in 1961. From the moment of joining the chapel in 1979, Oles is still an active participant.

The collective of the chapel unites young people of Ukrainian descent and keeps a mournful flame of Ukrainianity in those cells where Ukrainians live. Bandura helps to keep something in its own right – it is native and close to its grandparents and parents, so in the repertoire of the chapels the traditional Ukrainian folk and patriotic songs are used with great respect. Now the chapel has 16 participants.