National Merited Bandurist Chapel of Ukraine named after G.I.Mayboroda is an outstanding ensemble representing on the world stage a unique Ukrainian cultural musical phenomenon, which arose 100 years ago on the territory of the newly formed Ukrainian People’s Republic.

It is a bandurist chapel, an original synthetic, advanced genre of Ukrainian kobzar performing, which was launched in the era of the flowering of national art – the age of artistic avant-garde of the early twentieth century – which, in the aggregate of genres and works represented in the world cultural context by the names of prominent Ukrainian artists, should be in the context of the development of all the world art.

Despite the complex historical destiny, the period of persecution of some artists, repressions, executions, the prohibition of the repertoire, the chapel exists today and actively and successfully conducts concert activity.

Every performance of the National Merited Bandurist Choir of Ukraine named after G.I.Mayboroda is striking today with its inner spirit of inertia and the desire for identity, self-sufficiency – the traits that have always been, are and will be a sign of the great peoples of the world. As the parallel quintiles, which is a characteristic feature of the Ukrainian song, the song of the Chapel lives by its own unique life and creates its unique harmony and unique artistic existence. The best sounding of male voices in combination with virtuoso bandura accompaniment, the execution of complex works at the level of the best examples of world classics, based on a deep national basis, filigree grinding of each room, a magnificent instructive, dramatic, often sad nature of the works combined with sparkly humor, elements of the modern merry show, Cossack character – can not but impress, not to fascinate spectators.

National Merited Bandurist Chapel named after G.I.Mayboroda has its unique creative feature – all singers sing and simultaneously play bandura. In addition, in the concert programs of the Chapel, an orchestra group, bandurist quartet and vocal-instrumental quintet take part. Nowadays 90% of the Bandura Chapel are graduates of the Student Training Academy, which has been operating at the Chapel since 1962.

In different years, the famous Ukrainian virtuoso singers collaborated with the team: Ivan Kozlovsky, Boris Hmyrya, Anatoliy Solovyanenko, Dmytro Hnatyuk, Diana Petrynenko, Maria Stefiuk, Olha Nahorna, Serhiy Kovnir, Vasyl Savenko, Serhiy Mahera, Taras Shtonda, Viktoriya Lukyanets, Susanna Chakhoyan and others.

In 1951 the Chapel was awarded the honorary title “Merited”, and in 1983 the Chapel became the laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko.

In 1995, the Chapel was named after the outstanding composer Georgy Mayboroda, in 1997 the collective received the status of “National”.

In different years, the leaders of the chapel were: Vasyl Yemets, Heorhiy Andriychuk, Hryhory Kopan (Kyiv Kobzar Choir), Borys Danilevsky, Mikhailo Polotai, Mykola Opryshko, Borys Danilevsky (Kyiv Bandurist Chapel), Volodymyr Kabachok, Hnat Khotkevych (Poltava Bandurist Chapel), Mykola Mikhailov, Dmytro Balatsky, Danylo Pika (Ukrainian National Bandurist Chapel), Hero of Ukraine Hryhoriy Kytasty (Ukrainian Bandurist Chapel named after Taras Shevchenko), People’s Artist of the USSR Olexander Minkivsky (State Merited Bandurist Chapel of the Ukrainian SSR), Merited Art Worker of the Ukrainian SSR Hryhoriy Kulyaba, People’s Artist of Ukraine Mykola Hvozd (National Honored Bandurist Chapel of Ukraine named after G.I.Mayboroda), People’s Artist of Ukraine Viktor Skoromny, since 2013 – People’s Artist of Ukraine Yurii Kurach.

During the last years the concert repertoire of the Chapel has considerably expanded. There were new programs: carols and shchedrivkas, insurgent, recruiting, chumak songs in the works of Ukrainian composers. The performance includes liturgical music, samples of the ancient spiritual heritage of different eras and styles a cappella. In recent years, the Chapel is a frequent guest in the cities and villages of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The performances of the National Merited Bandurist Chapel of Ukraine named after G.I.Mayboroda raise the patriotic spirit of the troops now in the ATO zone and carry out hostilities in the Donetsk region and Luhansk regions, give the military and residents of the front-line territories a minute of peaceful life, add to the confidence that in unity our strength, and the patriotic spirit of every Ukrainian is invincible.